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Shambhala Music Festival 2019

Photo/Video Proposal



Hello Shambhala Music Festival,

This proposal is for Photo & Video content at Shambhala Music Festival 2019.

Over the past Two years I have been on the in house photo team for the festival. I have learned so much about not only the festival but also event photography & videography. Throughout this time I have thought up multiple video concepts but not yet have I had the opportunity to create them. For the 2019 year I would like to propose a video project to go alongside my work on the photo team. I hope to create with the help of the Shambhala team a 2 part “documentary” styled video series. These videos would provide great promotional content for the festival and show fans of the festival a little bit of an insider perspective to what is one of the most interesting festivals in the world.

 Project Details



  • Create two part series of incredible videos and an amazing photo album showcasing the Shambhala Music Festival experience

  • Showcase the amazing art, visuals, design and of course the music of each stage

  • Promote the festival to prospective attendees, their friends and others interested in festivals

  • Showcase the multiple layers of the festival. (fun, creation, adventure, challenge, learning, friends, growth..ect)

  • Generate increased ticket sales from the use of these videos & photos in advertising


I would like to create a two part series video that dives into Shambhala’s unique vibe. Firstly I would like to explore this through the stages and what they add to Shambhala. From lights to design and artist selection each stage has a interesting and unique impact on Shambhala as a whole. I would like to do a quick interview with each stage director, asking them about the history of their stages, what makes Shambhala special for them and what they think their stage adds to the whole festival experience. I also want to interview a returning artist from each stage as well as a first year artist. For artist interview questions I think it would be awesome to dive into their personal experiences playing the festival as well as festival expectations vs reality for first year artists. I truly believe i can create an amazing two part series with these interviews along side amazing content of the festival grounds (art, activities, stage production, and live artists..ect)


For photo content I want to create an amazing album that deeply covers the festival. From the activities around the festival grounds to the stages and all the little things that only some people will notice. These are the things that make Shambhala one of the greatest festivals in the world. I want to showcase that. I can provide high quality daily drop photos on site, as well as a final album with 150 or more professionally polished photos. I would also love the chance to shoot the pre-festival merchandise again this year!

My Commitment

  • You will get my personal passion, all in on this project. As well as my full creative efforts on the back end in post production.

  • I only propose projects that align with my core values and fuel my creativity. This allows me to bring something intangible to the project. A degree of passion and purpose that allows me to work above and beyond to create a final project that is the greatest success it can be.


Previous work

I have shot photo and video content for many artists and festivals over the years. Below I have listed a few of my projects